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• Do not use the equipment while
it is raining, in poor weather
conditions and when the sur-
rounding area is wet. Only
work when the light conditions
are good.
There is a risk of accidents.
• Keep the brush away from all
body parts and in particular
hands and feet when starting
the motor or when the motor is
• Never start the equipment when
it is turned over or not in the
correct working position.
• Switch off the motor and discon-
nect the plug from the mains
- Whenever you are not using
the equipment
- If the equipment is left unat-
- When the equipment is being
cleaned, maintained or is to
be inspected
- When relocating the equipment
- If the power or extension cable
is damaged
- When you remove or ex-
change the cutting device or
manually adjust the length of
the cutting line
• Never try to stop the brush with
your hands. Always wait until
the brush stops rotating.
• Do not use the device for re-
moving weed or moss not grow-
ing on the ground, i.e. moss
growing on walls or rocks etc.
• Always inspect the brush before
starting the device. Never use
damaged brushes. Replace any
damaged or worn brush.
• The brush must not be mounted
on devices with an engine
speed exceeding the admissible
maximum engine speed of the
• Do not traverse gravel paths
while the equipment is operat-
ing. Gravel can be thrown up
and result in injury.
• Do not operate the equipment
in the vicinity of inlammable
liquids or gases as this could
give rise to the danger of a ire
or explosion.
• Store the equipment in a dry
place that is not accessible to
CAUTION! The following
states how damage to the
equipment and possible inju-
ry to people can be avoided:
Taking care of the equipment:
• Ensure that the ventilation open-
ings are not clogged.
• Only use spare parts and ac-
cessories that have been sup-
plied or recommended by the
• Never try to repair the equip-
ment yourself. All work that has
not been listed in these Instruc-
tions must only be carried out by
an authorised servicing agency.
• Treat the equipment with the
greatest care. Always keep the
equipment clean for better and
safer work. Follow the mainte-
nance instructions.
• Never overload the equipment.
Always work within the stated
capacity range. Do not use low-
power machines for heavy-duty
work. Do not operate the equip-

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