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Mounting The Additional Handle; Operation; Switching On And Off; Device Adjustments - Parkside PUB 500 A1 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Mounting the additional
1. Unscrew the additional handle (13) to
take apart.
2. Insert the additional handle (13) into
the holder beneath the handle (1).
3. Screw the additional handle (13) tightly
using the grip screw (6).
There are several possible latching po-


Caution, risk of Injury!
Always check whether the
device functions correctly be-
fore using it.
Always wear eye protection
when operating the device.
Always unplug the device
before working on it. There is
a risk of injury.
Observe the noise protection and
other local regulations. .

Switching ON and OFF

1. Loop the end of the extension cable
and hang it onto the cable tension
relief (5) to ease the tension on the
cable. See detailed illustration
2. Plug the tool into the mains.
3. To turn on, use your thumb to actuate
the switch lock (4), then press the On/
Off switch (2). Release the switch lock.
4. To turn off, release the On/Off switch (2).
There is no continuous operation mode.
The brush will keep rotating for a
few seconds after the device has
been switched off. Keep the brush
away from hands and feet.
Do not try to lock the on/off
switch in place. Do not use the
device if the switch is damaged.
A damaged switch may cause
an injury risk due to the motor
not being switched off after
releasing the on/off switch.

Device adjustments

Length adjustment:
The telescopic arm enables you to adjust the
device to your individual height.
Unfasten the screw socket (7). Adjust the
telescopic arm (8) to the desired length
and re-fasten the screw socket.
Adjusting the splash guard:
You can adjust the splash guard (9) by sli-
ding it backwards and forwards.
Setting the rotation speed:
There are six possible rotation speed
settings on the speed regulator (14).

Practical tips

• Always inspect the brush before
• Use original brushes only.
• Never operate the device in rain
Caution, risk of Injury!
starting the device. Never use
damaged brushes. Replace any
damaged or worn brush.
or on wet ground. Operating the
device in rain or on wet ground



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