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Cleaning With The Accessory Head - Vorwerk kobold SPB100 Gebrauchsanleitung

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Risk of damage to the floor!
Improper use of the DuoClean may cause damage to the floor.
Never use the DuoClean without the cleaning cloth.
Please also refer to the cleaning and care information issued by the floor
Never work on the same spot for more than 10 seconds.
Never leave the DuoClean standing on the floor with a wet cleaning cloth for
more than 30 seconds. Otherwise, delicate floors may be damaged.
For delicate floors, such as floors which are not permanently sealed (e.g. oiled
cork, oiled parquet, coated, oiled stoneware), Vorwerk recommends that you
first test the device in an inconspicuous area to prevent damage to the floor.
In the case of floors that are extremely sensitive to moisture, wipe dry with a
dry Parquet or Dry cleaning cloth and set the vacuum cleaner to full power if
the floor is too wet.
If the DuoClean hooks into objects or gets jammed, the device should be
switched off immediately in order to prevent damage.

6.7 Cleaning with the accessory head

1. Move the DuoClean back and forth in even lines.
2. Keep the DuoClean constantly moving.
Note Due to the special cleaning performance of the DuoClean, it is
possible that, when using the device for the first time, floors will have
to be cleaned several times in order to remove engrained dirt.

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