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Risk of choking!
Risk of injury from
moving parts!
Risk of injury due to
negative pressure!
Risk of injury due to
sharp fragments of
Risk of injury and
Risk of injury from
debris flying out!
Small parts may enter the airways and cause choking.
Perform regular checks to establish that the seam on the green
nose of the cleaning cloth is in proper condition.
If required, change the cleaning cloth to ensure that the green
nose does not become detached.
Moving parts (such as the rotating brushes or oscillating cloth
holder) could cause injury.
Always switch the device off before all retrofitting, cleaning and
maintenance work.
Disconnect the accessory head from the device before
performing retrofitting, cleaning or maintenance work on the
accessory head.
Stay clear of the moving parts.
Never reach into the rotating components.
Vacuuming of skin or hair can cause injury.
Do not vacuum any body parts or hair.
Do not vacuum in the vicinity of children or pets.
Broken plastic may be sharp and cause injury.
Do not use the device if plastic components have been damaged
due to falling or impacts.
Protect yourself against fragments with sharp edges.
If you expose the device to unsuitable loads, you may fall.
Always place the device and the accessory head on a level
surface when in the standby position.
Never use the device to support yourself.
Never stand on the accessory heads.
Debris that is being vacuumed could fly out and cause injury.
Avoid abruptly placing the accessory head on loose, coarse
debris (e.g. glass shards), especially at eye level.
Avoid moving the accessory head laterally towards loose, coarse
debris (e.g. glass shards).
Do not clean with the DuoClean at eye level
(e.g. on stairs or landings).
Switch off the DuoClean before lifting it.

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