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The moisture film is uneven. It is possible that the tank is empty.
The floor is getting too wet.
Possible cause and solutions
– Alternatively, use the MF600/601 Dry cleaning cloth to remove
any residual quantities of old care products and cleaning
– Repeat the cleaning process, replacing the cloth if necessary,
until you see an improvement.
– If there is no improvement, carry out a thorough clean of the
floor before continuing to work with the DuoClean.
– Check the LED wave symbol on the DuoClean. If it is lit up
yellow, you need to fill the tank, see
inserting the tank
– Moisten the cleaning cloth by pressing the function key before
continuing, see
[} 53].
– Set the DuoClean to dry mode, see
moisture and dry mode
– Continue working without the automatic moistening function
for the time being until the floor appears to be drying.
– Then set the DuoClean to moisture setting 1, see
application of moisture and dry mode
If the fault cannot be rectified, please contact Vorwerk customer
service, see
[} 66].
[} 52].
Automatic application of moisture and dry
Automatic application of
[} 53].
Removing, filling and
[} 53].

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