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Getting Ready For Use; Releasing The Cloth Holder; Attaching The Cleaning Cloth To The Cloth Holder - Vorwerk kobold SPB100 Gebrauchsanleitung

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6.3 Getting ready for use

6.3.1 Releasing the cloth holder

1. Attach the DuoClean to the cordless vacuum cleaner as described
in the chapter
Attaching the accessory head
2. Put the cordless vacuum cleaner in the standby position as
described in the chapter
[} 50].
3. Tilt the cordless vacuum cleaner backwards in the standby
position (1).
ð The DuoClean is now positioned on its rollers.
4. Press the pedal (three green strips) positioned at the back of the
DuoClean on the left with your foot (2).
ð The cloth holder is released from the device (3).
It is only possible to eject the cloth holder when the cordless vacuum
cleaner is tilted backwards on its rollers in the standby position.

6.3.2 Attaching the cleaning cloth to the cloth holder

1. To attach the cleaning cloth to the cloth holder, push the green
nose (1) of the cleaning cloth into the slot on the cloth holder as
far as it will go.
2. Then press the cloth holder directly onto the cloth (2).
ð The back of the cloth is fastened to the cloth holder panel using
Velcro and fits into place (3).
3. The cloth must not be positioned at an angle to the cloth holder.
[} 50].
Setting and releasing the standby

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