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Attaching The Cloth Holder; Removing, Filling And Inserting The Tank - Vorwerk kobold SPB100 Gebrauchsanleitung

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6.3.3 Attaching the cloth holder

1. Place the cloth holder onto the floor with the cloth correctly
2. Tilt the cordless vacuum cleaner backwards in the standby
position (1).
ð The DuoClean is now positioned on its rollers.
3. Roll the cordless vacuum cleaner directly onto the cloth holder.
4. Tip the cordless vacuum cleaner onto the cloth holder (2).
ð The cloth holder will click as it engages with the DuoClean (3). The
device is now ready for use.
The cloth holder is symmetrical. You simply need to approach the
cloth holder square on and not at an angle to ensure that the
DuoClean correctly engages with the cloth holder.

6.3.4 Removing, filling and inserting the tank

For wet cleaning, moisture is automatically applied to the cloth from
the tank in the DuoClean.
1. Remove the tank from the DuoClean. To do this, gently pull up the
green tank release mechanism at the back of the DuoClean (1)
and pull the tank backwards to lift it out.
2. Unscrew the tank cap (2).
3. Fill the tank cap (3) with Koboclean as far as the line (3 ml).
4. Pour this quantity into the tank (4).
5. Fill the tank with fresh tap water to the maximum mark (5).
6. Put the cap back onto the tank and do it up.
7. Insert the tank into the DuoClean. This is done by first pushing the
front of the tank into the DuoClean (6) and then pressing the back
of the tank into its holder (7).
ð You will hear the tank snap into place.

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