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Familiarising Yourself With The Accessories; Koboclean; Cleaning Cloths - Vorwerk kobold SPB100 Gebrauchsanleitung

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Familiarising yourself with the
The Kobold SPB100 DuoClean makes it possible to vacuum and wet-
clean hard floors in a single step. It is also possible to buff/clean your
floors with a dry cloth using the DuoClean.


The cleaning agent is suitable for cleaning various types of hard
Koboclean Universal
For use on all sealed surfaces that can be wiped with a
damp cloth (e.g. tiles, PVC).
Koboclean Parquet
Specially developed for cleaning sealed wooden surfaces
(e.g. cork, parquet, laminate).
Koboclean Wooden Floor Cleaner
Specially developed for cleaning and maintaining wooden
floors with an oil, wax or soap finish.
The cleaning agent must be diluted according to the instructions
before use. It must not be applied undiluted.

5.2 Cleaning cloths

The Kobold MF600/601 cleaning cloths have been specially
developed for the DuoClean. The cleaning cloth is available in the
following four types:
Kobold MF600/601 Universal
Is particularly suitable for all surfaces that can be wet-
cleaned (e.g. tiles, PVC, also suitable for textured surfaces).
Kobold MF600/601 Universal Soft
Is particularly suitable for use on porous or shiny floors
(e.g. marble, granite, artificial stone, laminate).
Kobold MF600/601 Parquet
Is particularly suitable for wet-cleaning wooden floors
(e.g. parquet, sealed cork flooring).
Kobold MF600/601 Dry
Is particularly suitable for dry-cleaning hard floors.

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