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Damage to the device!
Risk of damage from
improper use!
Material damage due
to incorrect cleaning
Damage to the floor
from sharp-edged
Moisture in the interior may damage the device.
Do not vacuum liquids or damp dirt.
Do not vacuum any damp floor mats or carpets.
Do not use the device in damp environments (in a wet bathroom
or in outdoor areas, etc.) or in places where there is a risk that
the device could come into contact with liquids.
Never pour water over the device.
Do not hold the device under running water.
Never immerse the device in water or other liquids.
Never clean your device with water or damp cleaning agents.
Never store the device outdoors.
Store the device such that it is protected from moisture.
If the device is not in perfect condition, this may cause damage.
Only use original Vorwerk products.
Do not operate the device if the device itself or the power cord is
damaged or if the device is not fully assembled.
Improper use of cleaning agents may cause damage.
Only use original Kobold cleaning agents.
When working with the DuoClean, never use acid cleaning agents
(e.g. vinegar-based cleaner) or highly alkaline cleaning agents
(e.g. chlorine bleaching).
Sharp-edged objects under the cleaning cloth may cause damage to
the floor.
Before switching on the device, make sure that there are no
small stones, granulates (e.g. cat litter) or other pointed or
sharp-edged objects under the cleaning cloth.

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