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For Your Safety; Hazards And Safety Instructions - Vorwerk kobold SPB100 Gebrauchsanleitung

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Risk of fire or electric
Risk of fire or electric
Explosion hazard!
Risk due to
Risk of injury!
Risk of burns!

For Your Safety

Safety is an essential part of every Vorwerk product. However,
product safety can only be ensured if this chapter and the warning
notices in the following chapters are followed.

Hazards and safety instructions

If incorrect repairs are performed on the device and the
corresponding power supply, this may cause fire or electric shock.
Never attempt to repair the device yourself.
Repairs to electrical appliances may only be carried out by a
Vorwerk Customer Service Centre, a workshop authorised by
Vorwerk or a person with similar qualifications in order to avoid
If burning or readily ignitable substances should enter the interior of
the device, this may cause fire or an explosion.
Do not vacuum hot ash or burning cigarette ends.
Do not vacuum explosive or readily inflammable substances.
Improper use of cleaning agents may cause dangerous reactions.
Do not use any cleaning agents that are oil-based, irritant,
ignitable, inflammable or contain solvents or chlorine.
Do not add such cleaning agents to the DuoClean tank.
Never mix different cleaning agents and care products.
The secondary air flap of the DuoClean is closed using a magnet.
Magnets can affect pacemakers and internal defibrillators.
Keep the magnet away from pacemakers, internal defibrillators
and other active implants.
Alert the people affected.
The DuoClean is only suitable for use on floors. If the device is used
on ceilings or walls, it may detach from the vacuum cleaner and fall
onto the user.
Only use the DuoClean to clean horizontal surfaces.
Never use the DuoClean vertically or overhead.
You may sustain burns from hot or boiling water.
Do not pour hot or boiling water into the tank of the DuoClean.

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