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Operation; Switching On/Off; Dry Vacuuming - Parkside PNTS 1400 E2 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Never vacuum without a filter!
To store the suction set during
breaks, push together the telescopic
suction hose (17) and plug the suc-
tion pipe holder (18) into the socket
on the motor housing (see picture


Fully unwind the suction hose (
19) before commencing work.

Switching on/off

Connect the mains plug.
Do not vacuum without a filter!
(How to insert the filter is described
in the chapters "dry vacuuming"
and "wet vacuuming").
Switching On:
On/Off Switch (see
Switching Off:
On/Off Switch (see

Dry vacuuming

The appliance is supplied with the
folded filter (
Vacuuming with a fluted filter:
1. For dry vacuuming, fit the fluted filter
(23) onto the filter basket (27) on the
motor head (3). The sealing lip that
curves upward must point away from
the motor head.
2. Fit the filter cover (22) and lock it with
a light turn:
6) In position "I".
6) In position "0".
23) fitted.
Lock the filter cover
Unlock the filter cover
Vacuuming with the paper filter
To avoid the fluted filter becoming
clogged, we recommend the addi-
tional use of the brown paper filter
1. Fit the fluted filter (23).
2. Fold the side flaps on the paper filter
bag (24) down on the perforation.
3. Completely unfold the paper filter bag
(24) and pull it over the internal suc-
tion nozzle (8) in the stainless steel
container (9). The connector on the
suction nozzle must be completely en-
closed by the sealing ring on the filter
bag opening.
A fine dirt filter bag made of micro
filter fleece is also optionally avail-
able, which can be used in place
of the included paper filter bag (see
"Spare parts/Accessories").
Vacuuming with the dry filter
(fabric filter bag, optionally
The anti-tear fabric filter bag, which is
optionally available (see "Spare parts/Ac-
cessories"), is suitable for vacuuming large
dirt particles.
1. Place the foam filter (
basket (
27) (see "Wet Vacuuming").
2. Pull the fabric filter bag over the filter
21) on the filter



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