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Application; General Description; Delivery Contents; Description Of Operation - Parkside PNTS 1400 E2 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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The appliance is intended for domestic wet
and dry vacuuming in, for example, the
house, work room, car or garage.
This equipment is not suitable for commer-
cial use. Commercial use will invalidate the
Vacuuming of flammable or explosive
materials or those which endanger health
is prohibited. The manufacturer will not be
held responsible for injuries resulting from
use which does not comply with the direc-
tions, or from incorrect use.

General description

The illustration of the principal
functioning parts can be found on
the front and back foldout pages.

Delivery Contents

Unpack the equipment and check that it is
The equipment is supplied with the motor
head on (see
3). To take off the motor
head and remove the accessories, release
the locking lever (
Motor housing
Stainless steel container
Bow handle
Carry handle
4 steering castors with accessory
Telescopic suction pipe
Suction hose
Handle with air regulation
Foam filter
Fluted filter with filter cover
(already mounted)
Paper filter bag
Switchable household nozzle
Crevice nozzle
6 cross-head screws
Instruction Manual
Dispose of the packaging material in a
proper manner.

Description of operation

The equipment is fitted with a stable stain-
less steel container to hold liquid and dust.
The steering castors allow for maximum
mobility of the device. For wet vacuuming,
the suction airflow is switched off by a float
when the stainless steel container is full. The
equipment also has a blow function.
To prevent electrostatic charging during
vacuuming, an anti-static chain is fitted on
the bottom of the equipment.
The following describes the function of the
operating parts.



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