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Switching The Laser On And Off; Cleaning And Maintenance; Disposal - Parkside PTS 710 A2 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Switching the laser on and off
Switching on
Press the Laser ON/OFF switch
Switching off
Press the Laser ON/OFF switch
If the battery is depleted, replace it with a
new 3 V button cell (type CR 2032).

Cleaning and maintenance

Always remove the plug from the
mains power socket before carrying
out any work on the appliance.
Have the carbon brushes replaced by the
manufacturer, its customer service or a similarly
qualified person.
Always clean the appliance after completion
of work.
Use a cloth to clean the housing; do not use
petrol, solvents or cleaners.
Always keep the area around the protective
hood clean. Remove dust and shavings with a
brush or compressed air.
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collected separately and recycled in an environ-
mentally compatible manner.
Your local community or municipal authorities can
provide information on how to dispose of the
worn-out appliance.
hold waste. Consumers are legally obliged to
dispose of all used batteries at a collection point in
their town/district or at a retail store. The purpose
of this obligation is to ensure that batteries are
disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.
Only return batteries when they are fully
discharged. Batteries must be removed from the
appliance before disposal.
nents for disposal if necessary. The packaging
material is labelled with abbreviations (a) and
numbers (b) with the following meanings:
1–7: plastics, 20–22: paper and cardboard,
80–98: composites.
The packaging is made from environ-
mentally friendly material which can
be disposed of at your local recycling
Do not dispose of power tools in
your normal household waste!
European Directive 2012/19/EU
requires that worn-out power tools be
Battery disposal
Batteries must be recycled in accord-
ance with Directive 2006/66/EC and
may not be disposed of with house-
Dispose of the packaging in an envi-
ronmentally friendly manner. Note the
labelling on the packaging and sepa-
rate the packaging material compo-
Your local community or municipal
authorities can provide information
on how to dispose of the worn-out
PTS 710 A2



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