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Safety Instructions For Abrasive Cutting Appliances - Parkside PTS 710 A2 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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b) Check the condition and function of the
spring for the blade guard. Have the saw
serviced before using it if the blade guard
and spring are not working properly.
Damaged parts, sticky deposits or accumula-
tions of chippings can cause the lower blade
guard to operate slowly.
c) When making a "plunge cut" that is not at
right angles, secure the base plate of the saw
to prevent any lateral movement. Lateral
movement can cause the saw blade to jam, thus
causing a kickback.
d) Do not leave the saw on the work bench or
floor if the blade guard is not fully covering
the saw blade. An unprotected, coasting saw
blade will move the saw in the opposite direc-
tion to the cutting direction and saw anything in
its path. Always, take into account that the saw
blade takes some time to stop spinning.
Supplementary notes
Do not use any grinding discs.
Use only saw blades with diameters corre-
sponding to the label on the saw.
When working with wood or materials that
produce dust hazardous to health, the appli-
ance must be connected to a suitable, tested
extraction appliance.
Wear a dust mask when sawing wood.
Only use recommended saw blades.
Always wear ear muffs.
Avoid overheating the sawtooth tips.
When sawing plastic, avoid melting the plastic.
Use the correct saw blade according to the
material to be sawn.
Use only saw blades specified by the manu-
facturer which, if intended for cutting wood or
similar materials, comply with EN 847-1.
Tools may only be used by trained and experi-
enced persons who are familiar with the use of
PTS 710 A2
Circular saw blades with torn bodies must be
taken out of service (repair is not permitted).
The maximum speed indicated on the tool must
not be exceeded. If specified, the speed range
must be observed.
Circular saw blades (symbols)
Wear protective gloves!
Wear a dust mask!
Wear safety goggles!
Wear ear muffs!
Safety instructions for abrasive
cutting appliances
a) The blade guard, which is a part of the power
tool, must be attached securely and set in a
way that ensures maximum safety, i.e. the
smallest possible amount of the grinding tool
is exposed to the operator. Ensure that you
and anyone else in the vicinity remain outside
of the range of the rotating grinding disc. The
blade guard is designed to protect the operator
from fragments and accidental contact with the
grinding tool.
b) Use only diamond-coated cutting discs for
your power tool. Just because you can attach
the accessories to your power tool, does not
ensure they are safe to use.
c) The permissible speed of the accessory tool
used must be at least as high as the maximum
speed specified for the power tool. Accessories
which rotate faster than the maximum permissible
rate can break and throw pieces into the air.
d) Grinding tools should only be used for the
recommended applications.
For example: Never grind with the side
surface of a cutting disc. Cutting discs are
designed to remove material with the edge of
the disc. Any lateral application of force on
these grinding tools can lead to a breakage.
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