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Inserting/Replacing The Battery; Setting Up; Check Base Plate/Blade Guard; Switching On And Off - Parkside PTS 710 A2 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Inserting/replacing the battery

Open the battery compartment cover
Phillips screwdriver.
If necessary, remove the used battery.
Insert a new 3 V button cell (type CR 2032) in
accordance with the polarity shown. Screw the
lid of the battery compartment cover
If operating and adjustment equipment is
used or procedures other than those specified
here are carried out, this may result in
hazardous radiation exposure.

Setting up

The appliance is equipped with a Power on/
control lamp
. This lights up green as soon
as the appliance is connected to the mains.
This indicates that the appliance is live.

Check base plate/blade guard

Always remove the plug from the
mains power socket before carrying
out any work on the appliance.
Check the freedom of movement of the base
plate before each use
Activate the safety lock-out
that position. Lower the circular saw. In this way,
you can test the function of the base plate
must move freely. It may not jam.
After letting go, it must be move smoothly back
to its starting position of its own accord.
GB │ IE │ NI │ CY
with a
and keep it in
. It
Switching on and off
Switching on
Activate the safety lock-out
that position.
Press the ON/OFF switch
running, you can release the safety lock-out
Switching off
Release the ON/OFF switch

Selecting the cutting depth

We generally recommend setting the cutting
depth to approx. 2 mm more than the thickness
of the material. This ensures that you achieve
a clean cut.
Let go of the quick-release lever of the cutting
depth preselector
depth on the scale
lever tight again.

Fitting the rip fence

Loosen the screw for the rip fence
base plate
. Insert the rip fence
rip fence slot
. Retighten the screw for the
rip fence

Handling the circular saw

1. Place the machine on the material. If necessary,
align the machine with the rip fence
marked line.
2. Activate the safety lock-out
that position. Press the ON/OFF switch
3. Press the appliance forward to lower the circular
saw. You can now release the safety lock-out
4. Saw by applying moderate pressure.
and keep it in
. Once the saw is
. Set the desired cutting
. Clamp the quick-release
on the
into the
or on a
and keep it in
PTS 710 A2



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