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Introduction; Intended Use; Equipment; Package Contents - Parkside PTS 710 A2 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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PTS 710 A2


Congratulations on the purchase of your new
appliance. You have chosen a high-quality product.
The operating instructions are part of this product.
They contain important information about safety,
usage and disposal. Before using the product,
please familiarise yourself with all operating and
safety instructions. Use the product only as
described and for the range of applications speci-
fied. Please also pass these operating instructions
on to any future owner.

Intended use

The appliance is primarily designed for sawing
longitudinal and cross cuts in a plunge cut into
firmly supported solid wood, chip board, plywood,
aluminium, tiles, stone, plastics, and lightweight
construction materials. Any other uses of or modifi-
cations to the appliance are deemed to be
improper usage and may result in serious physical
injury. Not for commercial use.


Front handle
Safety lock-out
ON/OFF switch
Rear handle
Power on/control lamp
Power cord
Base plate
Scale for cutting depth
Cutting depth preselector
Rip fence
Rip fence slot
Screw for rip fence
Viewing window for cutting line
GB │ IE │ NI │ CY
Figure A
Battery compartment cover
Dust extractor connection
Spindle lock
Figure B
Clamping flange
Tensioning screw
Saw blade
Hex key
Figure C
Laser ON/OFF switch
Laser aperture
Figure D
Diamond-coated cutting saw blade
HSS circular saw blade Z89/60
HSS circular saw blade Z89/80
TCT saw blade Z89/30
Suction hose

Package contents

1 electric plunge saw
1 TCT saw blade Z89/30
1 diamond-coated cutting saw blade
1 HSS circular saw blade Z89/60
1 HSS circular saw blade Z89/80
1 rip fence
1 suction hose
1 hex key
1 carrying case
1 button cell (best before date 05/2024)
1 set of operating instructions
PTS 710 A2



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