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Supplementary Notes; Original Accessories/Auxiliary Equipment; Safety Instructions For Grinding Tools - Parkside PTS 710 A2 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Supplementary notes

Approved cutting disc designs
Diamond-coated, disc diameter 89 mm, disc
thickness max. 1.8 mm
Always wear a dust mask!
Always wear ear muffs!
Original accessories/auxiliary
Use only the accessories and additional
equipment that are specified in the operating
instructions and are compatible with the
Cutting saw blade (symbols)
Wear ear muffs!
Wear safety goggles!
Wear safety shoes!
Wear protective gloves!
Wear a dust mask!
Not approved for wet grinding!
Approved diameter of tools
89 mm
Not approved for side grinding
GB │ IE │ NI │ CY

Safety instructions for grinding tools

a) General
Grinding tools are susceptible to breakage; there-
fore extreme care is required when handling
grinding tools. Using damaged, incorrectly
clamped or incorrectly installed grinding discs is
dangerous and may cause serious injury.
b) Handling, transport and storage
Grinding tools are to be treated with care and
transported carefully. Grinding tools should be
stored in such a way that they are not exposed to
mechanical damage or harmful environmental
Avoid any risk of an electric shock.
Check the condition of the appliance, power
cord and plug regularly. Stop using appliances
if any of the aforementioned parts are
damaged. Never open the appliance.
Damaged appliances, power cords or power
plugs cause danger to life by electric shock.
Have repairs and replacement work done only
by the Service centre or a qualified electrician.
Do not operate the appliance if it is damp or in
a humid environment.
When working outdoors, connect the appliance
via a fault current circuit breaker with a
maximum tripping current of 30 mA. Use only
an extension cord approved for outdoor use.
Always hold the power cord away from the
working area of the machine and run it to the
rear away from the machine.
PTS 710 A2



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