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Protect yourself from laser radiation!
P max. < 1 mW · λ 650 nm · EN 60825-1:2014
This appliance contains a Class 2 laser
Never direct the laser beam at people or
Never look directly into the laser beam.
The laser beam can cause serious eye
Do not direct the laser beam at strongly
reflective material. Reflected laser beams are
also dangerous.
Any adjustment intended to increase the
intensity of the laser beam is forbidden.
There is a risk of injury!
No liability will be accepted for damage
resulting from manipulation of the laser
equipment or from disregarding these safety
Take extreme care if operating or adjusting
devices other than those specified here are
used or if other procedures are carried out;
this can lead to dangerous radiation expo-
If the appliance is not used in accordance
with the manufacturer's operating instructions,
the intended protection may be impaired.
PTS 710 A2
Mishandling the batteries can cause
fires, explosions, leakages or other
Do not throw the batteries into a fire and do
not subject them to high temperatures.
Do not open, deform or short-circuit batteries,
since this can lead to chemical leakage.
Do not attempt to recharge the batteries. Do
not charge batteries unless they are explicitly
labelled as "rechargeable". There is a risk of
Check the condition of the batteries at regular
intervals. Leaking chemicals can cause
permanent damage to the appliance. Take
particular care when handling damaged or
leaking batteries. Risk of acid burns! Wear
protective gloves.
Chemicals that leak from a battery can cause
skin irritation. In event of contact with your
skin, rinse off with plenty of water. If the
chemicals come into contact with your eyes,
rinse thoroughly with water, do not rub and
consult a doctor immediately.
Keep batteries out of the reach of children.
Children might put batteries into their mouths
and swallow them. If a battery has been
swallowed, seek medical assistance immedi-
Do not mix different types of batteries.
Always insert the batteries the right way
round (observe correct polarity) otherwise
there is a danger that they could explode.
If you do not intend to use the appliance
for a long time, remove the batteries.
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