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Residual Risks; Mounting; Mounting/Pivoting The Additional Handle; Mount/Set Depth Stop - Parkside PSBM 500 C4 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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The device must only be connected to
a mains socket via a residual-current
circuit breaker (RCD) with a rated leak-
age current of not more than 30 mA.

Residual risks

Even if properly operating and handling
this electric tool, some residual risks will
remain. Due to its construction and build,
this electric tool may present the following
a) Injuries caused by moving parts;
b) Ear damage if working without ear
c) Lung damage, if suitable respiratory
protection is not worn;
d) Damage to your health caused by
swinging your hands and arms when
operating the appliance for longer pe-
riods of time or if the unit is not held or
maintained properly.
Warning! During operation, this
electric tool generates an electro-
magnetic field which, under certain
circumstances, may impair the
functionality of active or passive
medical implants. To reduce the risk
of serious or lethal injuries, we rec-
ommend that persons with medical
implants consult their doctor and
the manufacturer of their medical
implant before operating the ma-


Pull out the power plug before car-
rying out any work on the equip-
ment. There is a risk of electrocution
or of injury from moving parts.
Mounting/pivoting the
additional handle
Do not use the device with-
out the additional handle. It
provides additional hold and
reduces the risk of injury.
1. Loosen the butterfly screw (3) on
the additional handle (5).
2. Insert the additional handle (5)
over the keyless chuck (4) on to
the device.
3. Pivot the additional handle (5)
into the desired position (see
smaller image).
4. Tighten the butterfly screw (3).
The additional handle is equally
suited for right and left-handed per-

Mount/set depth stop

The boreholes can be precisely drilled to
an exact drilling depth x using the depth
1. Loosen the butterfly screw (3) on
the additional handle (5).
2. Use the depth stop (2) in the ad-
ditional handle (5).
3. Place the tip of the depth stop (2)
to the desired drilling depth x
behind the tip of the drill.
4. Tighten the butterfly screw (3).



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