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Changeover Drilling/Impact Drilling; Practical Tips; Cleaning/Maintenance; Cleaning - Parkside PSBM 500 C4 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Changeover drilling/impact
1. Wait for the device to shut-down.
2. Drilling and screwing:
Set the changeover switch
(1) to the "Drill" symbol:
3. Impact drilling:
Set the changeover switch
(1) to the "Impact drill" sym-

Practical tips

Always use the proper tool.
Immediately switch of the device, if
the tool should get jammed. Change
the rotation direction to anticlockwise
rotation and the carefully unscrew the
jammed tool.
Do not use any blunt or damaged tools
or accessories.


Ask our service centre to carry out
any work that is not described in
these instructions. Use only original
parts. In this way you avoid dam-
age to the appliance and possible
injury to people.
Pull out the power plug before car-
rying out any work on the equip-
ment. There is a risk of electrocution
or of injury from moving parts.
The following cleaning and servicing
should be done regularly. This will ensure
a long and reliable service life.


Do not spray the appliance
with water and do not im-
merse it in water. Electric
shock hazard!
Do not use cleaning agents or sol-
vents. You may otherwise irreparably
damage the appliance.
Keep clean the ventilation slots (
motor housing and handles of the appli-
ance. Use a damp cloth or a brush.


The device is maintenance free.


Clean the device prior to storage.
Store the device in the storage case
(13) provided in a dry place and out
of reach of children.
Waste Disposal/
environmental Protection
Be environmentally friendly. Return the tool,
accessories and packaging to a recycling
centre when you have finished with them.
Electrical machines do not belong in
domestic waste.
Take the equipment to a waste disposal
site. The plastic and metal parts that are
used can be separated out into pure grade,
which allows recycling. Ask our Service
Centre for details. Defective units returned to
us will be disposed of for free.



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