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Safety Information For Drilling Machines - Parkside PSBM 500 C4 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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before making any adjust-
ments, changing accessories, or
storing power tools. Such preven-
tive safety measures reduce the risk of
starting the power tool accidentaIly.
Store idle power tools out of the
reach of children and do not al-
low persons unfamiliar with the
power tool or these instructions
to operate the power tool. Power
tools are dangerous in the hands of
untrained users.
Maintain power tools. Check
for misalignment or binding
of moving parts, breakage of
parts and any other condition
that may affect the power tool's
operation. If damaged, have
the power tool repaired before
use. Many accidents are caused by
poorly maintained power tools.
Keep cutting tools sharp and
clean. Properly maintained cutting
tools with sharp cutting edges are less
Iikely to bind and are easier to control.
Use the power tool, accessories
and tool bits etc. in accordance
with these instructions, taking
into account the working condi-
tions and the work to be per-
formed. Use of the power tool for op-
erations different from those intended
could result in a hazardous situation.
Carefully inspect the area to be cut
and remove all wires or other foreign
Have your power tool serviced
by a qualified repair person us-
ing only identical replacement
parts. This will ensure that the safety
of the power tool is maintained.
Safety information for
drilling machines
• Wear ear protection during im-
pact drilling. The exposure to noise
can cause hearing loss.
• Use the additional handles de-
livered with the device. The loss
of control can result in injuries.
• Hold the device by the insu-
lated gripping surfaces when
performing work in which the
cutting tool may come into con-
tact with hidden wiring or its
own cord. Contact with a live wire
can also cause a charge in metal parts
of the device and result in an electric
• Use suitable detectors in order
to find hidden supply lines or
ask the local utility company.
Contact with electrical cables
can lead to electric shock and
fire, contact with a gas pipe can
result in an explosion. Damage
to a water pipe can lead to property
damaged and electric shock.
• Keep hands away from rotating
parts. Wait until the power tool
has stopped before placing it
down. Risk of injury!
• Avoid contact with the tool
insert or the component part
immediately after processing.
The parts may be hot and cause burn
• Immediately switch off the
power tool if the tool insert is
blocked due to overloading or
tilting of the component part.
The loss of control can result in injuries.
• Secure moving component part
with clamping devices. A hand
held tool can slip and endanger your



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