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2. Introduction

Fabrikation von Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen GmbH
Günzburger Straße 69
D-89335 Ichenhausen
we hope your new tool brings you much enjoyment and suc-
According to the applicable product liability laws, the manu-
facturer of the device does not assume liability for damages
to the product or damages caused by the product that occurs
due to:
• Improper handling,
• Non-compliance of the operating instructions,
• Repairs by third parties, not by authorized service techni-
• Installation and replacement of non-original spare parts,
• Application other than specified,
• A breakdown of the electrical system that occurs due to the
non-compliance of the electric regulations and VDE regula-
tions 0100, DIN 57113 / VDE0113.
We recommend:
Read through the complete text in the operating instructions
before installing and commissioning the device.
The operating instructions are intended to help the user to
become familiar with the machine and take advantage of its
application possibilities in accordance with the recommenda-
The operating instructions contain important information
on how to operate the machine safely, professionally and
economically, how to avoid danger, costly repairs, reduce
downtimes and how to increase reliability and service life of
the machine.
In addition to the safety regulations in the operating instruc-
tions, you have to meet the applicable regulations that apply
for the operation of the machine in your country.
Keep the operating instructions package with the machine at
all times and store it in a plastic cover to protect it from dirt
and moisture. Read the instruction manual each time before
operating the machine and carefully follow its information.
The machine can only be operated by persons who were
instructed concerning the operation of the machine and who
are informed about the associated dangers. The minimum age
requirement must be complied with.
In addition to the safety instructions contained in this operat-
ing manual and the specific regulations of your country,
the technical rules generally accepted for the operation of
machines of the same type must be observed.
We accept no liability for damage or accidents which arise
due to non-observance of these instructions and the safety

3. Device description (fig. 1-20)

ON/OFF switch
Lock switch
Machine head
Moving saw blade guard
Saw blade
Clamping device
Workpiece support
Set screw for workpiece support
10. Table insert
11. Locking handle
12. Pointer
13. Scale
14. Rotary table
15. Fixed saw table
16. Stop rail
16a. Movable stop rail
16b. Set screw
17. Chip collection bag
18. Scale
19. Pointer
20. Set screw for drag guide
21. Drag guide
22. Set screw
23. Locking bolt
24. Screw for cutting depth limiting
25. Stop for cutting depth limiting
26. Adjusting screw (90°)
27. Adjusting screw (45°)
28. Flange screw
29. Outer flange
30. Saw shaft lock
31. Inner flange
32. Laser
33. ON/OFF switch laser
34. Speed regulation switch
35. Latched position lever
36. Tilt protection
37. Adjusting screw
38. LED working light
A.) 90° stop angle (not supplied)
B.) 45° stop angle (not supplied)
C.) Allen key, 6 mm
D.) Allen key, 3 mm
E.) Philips head screw (Laser)

4. Scope of delivery

• Multifunction sliding cross cut mitre saw
• 2 x Clamping device (7) (preassembled)
• 2 x Workpiece support (8) (preassembled)
• Chip collection bag (17)
• Allen key 6 mm (C)
• Allen key 3 mm (D)
• Operating manual

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