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Maintenance And Cleaning; Kompernass Handels Gmbh Warranty - Parkside PASSK 20-Li A1 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Maintenance and cleaning

switch off the appliance and remove
the battery before carrying out any
work on the appliance.
The appliance is maintenance-free.
The appliance must always be kept clean, dry
and free from oil or grease.
Never allow liquids to get into the appliance.
Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the housing.
Never use petrol, solvents or cleansers which
can damage plastic.
If a lithium-ion battery is to be stored for an
extended period, the charge level should be
checked regularly. The optimum charge level is
between 50% and 80%. The optimum storage
environment is cool and dry.
Replacement parts not listed (such as carbon
brushes, switch) can be ordered via our
service hotline.
PASSK 20-Li A1
Kompernass Handels GmbH
Dear Customer,
This appliance has a 3-year warranty valid from the
date of purchase. If this product has any faults, you,
the buyer, have certain statutory rights. Your statu-
tory rights are not restricted in any way by the
warranty described below.
Warranty conditions
The warranty period starts on the date of purchase.
Please keep your receipt in a safe place. This will
be required as proof of purchase.
If any material or manufacturing fault occurs within
three years of the date of purchase of the product,
we will either repair or replace the product for you
or refund the purchase price (at our discretion).
This warranty service requires that you present the
defective appliance and the proof of purchase
(receipt) within the three-year warranty period,
along with a brief written description of the fault
and of when it occurred.
If the defect is covered by the warranty, your
product will either be repaired or replaced by us.
The repair or replacement of a product does not
signify the beginning of a new warranty period.
X 12 V and X 20 V Team Series battery packs
come with a 3-year warranty valid from the date of