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Filling The Cleaning Fluid Container; Use; Maintenance And Cleaning - Parkside PDRP 6.2 B2 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Filling the cleaning fluid container

Fill the cleaning fluid container
the desired mark .
The maximum water temperature is 30 °C .
Please observe the instructions of the cleaning
agent manufacturer . If a lower temperature is
indicated, use only this temperature .
If necessary, you can add water-soluble,
non-foaming cleaning agents . For the exact
mixing ratio, follow the instructions of the
cleaning agent manufacturer .
Do not use acidic, alkaline or easily flammable
cleaning agents .
The compressed air cleaning gun atomizes
the cleaning fluids into micro-fine droplets .


The surface to be cleaned must be roughly
cleaned before use .
Turn the valve
to the vertical position in order
to switch on the cleaning fluid from the cleaning
fluid tank
The valve
is infinitely variable, so that the
amount of cleaning fluid is increased or re-
duced, depending on the setting of the
Keep the compressed air cleaning gun at a
distance of 1–3 cm from the surface to be
cleaned .
Press and hold the trigger
compressed air cleaning gun .
In order to achieve an optimal result, move the
of the compressed air cleaning gun in
smooth, circular movements over the surface to
be cleaned .
To finish working, release the trigger
PDRP 6.2 B2
with water to

Maintenance and cleaning

to activate the
After finishing the work, wipe the surface dry,
switch off the compressor and disconnect the
compressed air hose from the compressed air
cleaning gun .
Afterwards, unscrew the cleaning fluid tank
from the compressed air cleaning gun and
dispose of the contents in an environmentally
friendly manner .
Disconnect the appliance from
the compressed air supply.
Before maintenance, clean off any hazardous
substances that may have accumulated on
the tool (due to working processes) . Avoid all
skin contact with these substances . If the skin
comes into contact with hazardous dusts, this
can lead to severe dermatitis .
The dust and vapours produced by using
the appliance can be hazardous to health
(e .g . cause cancer, birth defects, asthma
and/or dermatitis); it is essential to carry out
a risk assessment in respect of these risks
and to implement corresponding regulatory
mechanisms .
The following points must be observed
to ensure that the cleaning gun functions
perfectly and has a long service life:
Use only the genuine replacement parts
re commended by the manufacturer, otherwise
you could put users at risk . In doubt, contact
the Service Centre .
Clean the tool with a soft, dry cloth only .
Never use sharp or abrasive cleaning agents .