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Cleaning/Maintenance/Storage; General Cleaning And Maintenance Work; Storage; Waste Disposal And Environmental Protection - Parkside PHLG 2000 D3 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Use the grill lighter nozzle (8) only
for the few minutes necessary to
ignite the charcoal.
Never use the grill lighter nozzle
(8) for any other application.


Ask our service centre to carry out
any work that is not described in
these instructions. Do not try to re-
pair the device by yourself, unless
you have professional training. Use
only original parts.
Store the device in a dry place and out
of reach of children.
General cleaning and main-
tenance work
Always keep the device clean. Use a
brush or cloth for cleaning, but do not
use any cleaning agents or solvents.
Store the appliance in a dry place well
out of reach of children.
Give the device time to cool down
before you store the device in an en-
closed space.
We are not liable for damages caused by
our equipment. Insofar as these are caused
by improper repair or the use of non-origi-
nal parts or use contrary to instructions.
Waste disposal and en-
vironmental protection
Be environmentally friendly. Return the
tool, accessories and packaging to a recy-
cling centre when you have finished with
Electrical machines do not belong
with domestic waste.
Hand over the device at an utilization
location. The plastic and metal parts
employed can be separated out and
thus recycled use can be implemented.
Ask our Service-Center for details.