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Sharpening Scissors; Changing The Grinding Wheel; Cleaning And Maintenance - Parkside PSS 65 A1 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Sharpening scissors

The device is not suitable for grinding
serrated scissors. The device is not
suitable for grinding pinking shears.
1. Mount the selected sharpener (2)
(see Mounting sharpener).
2. Completely open the scissors.
3. Turn the machine on.
4. Insert one of the scissor blades
into the grinding slot.
5. Using light pressure guide the
blade from the screw up to the tip
along the grinding wheel (10).
6. Remove the scissors from the
sharpening station and turn the
scissors to sharpen the other
7. Insert the other scissor blade into
the grinding slot.
8. Using light pressure guide the
blade from the screw up to the tip
along the grinding wheel (10).
9. Execute the alternating grinding
process until the cutting edges
are burr-free and sharp.
10. Switch the device off and wait for
the grinding wheel (10) to stop.

Changing the grinding wheel

Information on replacement:
• Never operate the device without
protective equipment.
• Ensure that the grinding wheel di-
mensions match those of the device.
• Never use separate bushings or
adapters in order to make grind-
ing wheels whose hole is too
• Do not use any saw blades.
• Always reassemble the device
completely after replacing the
grinding wheel.
Switch the device off and remove
the mains plug.
Allow the device to cool down.
When the grinding disc nut (16) is
being tightened or loosened, the
place with a pair of pliers.
1. Release the grinding wheel
nut (16) in the clockwise di-
rection (left-handed thread).
2. Remove the grinding wheel (10).
3. Set up a new grinding wheel (10).
Screw the grinding wheel nut (16) in
the anti- clockwise direction (left-hand-
ed thread).
4. Test run: Before starting work and af-
ter each change of grinding disk, carry
out a test run of at least 60 seconds
with no load. Switch off the equipment
immediately if the disk runs lumpy, sub-
stantial vibrations occur, or abnormal
noises are generated.

Cleaning and maintenance

Disconnect the plug before adjust-
ment, maintenance or repair.
Have any work not described
in these instructions carried
out by a specialist workshop.
Use only original components.
Allow the equipment to cool
before carrying out any main-
tenance and cleaning work.
There is a risk of burns.
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