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Operation; Switching On And Off; Sharpening Drills - Parkside PSS 65 A1 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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5. In order to fasten the selected
sharpener in the working posi-
tion, from above push this into the
guide rails. Press the sharpener
down until it snaps into place.
The sharpeners also present a
safety device. Never use this
device without a sharpener.
Risk of injury!


Caution! Risk of injury!
- Always disconnect the plug from
the mains socket before working.
- Use only grinding disks and acces-
sories recommended by the manu-
facturer. The use of other insertion
tools and other accessories may
cause risk of injury.
- Never operate the device without
the visual protection disk.
- Switch on the equipment only
when it is safely installed on the
work surface.
Despite spark protection, al-
ways wear safety goggles
while working in order to
avoid eye injuries.
Keep your hands away from
the grinding wheel and grind-
ing belt when the device is in
operation. Injury hazard.

Switching on and off

Ensure that the mains voltage match-
Connect the equipment to the mains.
1. To switch on, press the "I" On switch
and the device starts up (see
2. To switch off, press the "0" off switch
and the device switches off (see
After switching on the device, wait until the
device has reached its max. speed. Only
then must you start with the grinding.
The disk will continue to
run after the equipment is
switched off. There is a risk
of injury.
Test run:
Before starting work and after each
change of grinding disk, carry out a test
run of at least 60 seconds with no load.
Switch off the equipment immediately if the
disk runs lumpy, substantial vibrations oc-
cur, or abnormal noises are generated.

Sharpening drills

Drills with a diameter of 3-10 mm can be
1. Mount the selected sharpener
(see Mounting sharpener).
2. Remove the drill holder (14) from
the sharpener.
3. Insert the drill into the drill holder
(14). Do not attach the drill.
4. Insert the drill holder (14) up-
wards into the adjusting device
(15) using the knurled nut for
drill-fastening (12).
5. Push the drill to the front into the
V-nut up to the metal stop. The
closely to the metal surfaces.
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