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Further Safety Instructions - Parkside PSS 65 A1 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Use outdoor extension leads.
When the tool is used outdoors, use
only extension cords intended for out-
door use and so marked.
Stay alert, watch what you are
doing and use common sense
when operating a power tool.
Do not use a power tool while you are
alcohol or medication. A moment of
inattention white operating power tools
may result in serious personal injury.
Check damaged parts. This will
ensure that the safety of the power tool
is maintained.
- Before further use of tool, it should be
carefully checked to determine that it
will operate properly and perform its
intended function.
- Check for alignment of moving parts,
binding of moving parts, breakage of
parts, mounting and any other condi-
tions that may affect its operation.
- A guard or other part that is dam-
aged should be properly repaired or
replaced by an authorized service
centre unless otherwise indicated in
this instruction manual.
- Do not use the tool if the switch does
not turn it on and off.
Have defective switches replaced by
an authorized service centre.
There is a risk of injury.
Warning. The use of any accessory
or attachment other than one recom-
mended in this instruction manual may
present a risk of personal injury.
Have your tool repaired by a
qualified person. This electric tool
complies with the relevant safety rules.
Repairs should only be carried out by
parts, otherwise this may result in con-
siderable danger to the user..

Further Safety Instructions

Connect the device only to a power
point with a residual current protective
device (RCD) with a measured residual
current of not more than 30 mA.
Keep the mains cable and extension
cable away from the grinding disk and
saw chain. In the event that it is dam-
aged or severed, immediately discon-
nect the plug from the socket.
Do not touch the cable before it has
been disconnected from the mains.
Risk of electric shock.
The replacement of the plug or the
cable must be carried out by the manu-
facturer or his/her customer service in
order to avoid any hazards.
Only switch the device on once it is
For your own safety only use acces-
sories and attachments which were
stated in the operating instructions or
Only use grinding wheels where the
printed rotational speed is at least as
name plate of the device.
Carry out a visual inspection of the
grinding wheel before use. Do not
use any damaged or deformed grind-
ing wheels. Replace any damaged or
worn grinding wheels.
Make sure that the sparks produced
by grinding do not present a danger,
grinding wheel and spark protection
or in close proximity to the protective
hoods. There is a risk of crushing.
The rotating parts of the device cannot
be covered due to functional reasons.



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