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Introduction; Intended Use; Improper Use - Parkside PKZ 180 A1 Bedienungsanleitung

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Compressor PKZ 180 A1
Congratulations! You have chosen a
high-quality device from our company.
Familiarise yourself with the product
before using it for the first time. In addition, please
carefully refer to the operating instructions and the
safety advice below. Initial operation of this device
must be performed by trained personnel.

Intended use

This device is suitable as a compressed air supply
for tyre filling devices, blow-out guns and with the
respective adapters for inflating balls, etc. Only use
the product as described and for the specified ap-
plications. Keep these instructions in a safe place.
When passing this product on to others, please also
include all the documents. Any use other than the
intended is prohibited and potentially dangerous.
Damages resulting from noncompliance or misuse
are not covered by the warranty and are not included
in the manufacturer's liability. This device was de-
signed for household use and may not be used for
commercial or industrial purposes.

Improper use

The compressor is not suitable for continuous use or
unrestricted commercial use, and may only be used
in dry rooms. The compressed air produced is not
suitable as respiratory air. Use in explosive environ-
ments and aiming the compressed air gun at persons
is prohibited.
Remaining risks
Even with proper use of the device there always is
a certain remaining risk which cannot be eliminated.
The type and design of the device can infer the fol-
lowing potential risks:
93472_Kompressor_PKZ_180_A1_content_SI-CZ.indd 6
- The user forgets to use ear protection.
- The user opens the valve without the device being
connected to an air hose.
- Compressed air is aimed at persons or animals.
- Dirt particles and dust raised enter the eyes or the
- Electric shock when touching non-insulated electrical
Failure to follow the instructions in your instructions
for use may result in other remaining risks due to
improper use.
Warning: The actual vibration emission during use
may deviate from that specified in the instructions
for use or by the manufacturer. This can be caused
by the following influencing factors which should
be considered before or during every use:
- Is the device being used properly?
- Is the type of material to be worked on correct?
- Is the device in proper working condition?
- Are the handles or optional vibration handles
installed and are these properly attached to the
If you experience discomfort or discolouration of
the skin on your hands during use, stop working
immediately. Take adequate breaks. Failure to take
adequate breaks can result in hand-arm vibration
syndrome. You should assess the utilisation factor
according to the work or use of the device, and take
appropriate breaks. This will significantly reduce
the utilisation factor throughout working. Minimise
the risk you are exposed to by vibration. Maintain
this device as specified in the instructions for use. If
the device is used more frequently, please contact
your speciality retailer and, if necessary, purchase
anti-vibration accessories (handles).
Avoid using the device in temperatures of t=5 °C
or below. Create a routine which limits stress due to
A certain amount of noise pollution from this device
cannot be prevented. Shift noisy work to approved
and designated times. If applicable, observe off-times
and limit the working period to the most necessary.
Ear protectors should be worn for your personal
protection and to protect persons nearby.
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