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Guarantee & service
All defects resulting from material or production faults and which occur within the warranty
period, will be repaired free of charge on production of the original sales invoice. The warranty
period is 24 months. For warranty queries, please contact your dealer.
Your new tanning appliance is intended for domestic use and not for commercial purposes.
Damage as a result of commercial use, as well as tubes, starters, protective supports and acrylic
panels, are not covered by the Hapro warranty.
Malfunctioning as a result of assembly and or installation faults, improper use, lightning
damage and non-original parts are excluded from the Hapro warranty.
Check carefully if the equipment has been installed properly before claiming under the
warranty. In case of an unwarranted claim, you will be charged service costs.
Guarantee restrictions
The terms of the international guarantee do not cover the tanning lamps.
If problems should arise with this appliance and you are unable to solve them by means of the
information below, please contact the nearest Hapro dealer.
The appliance does
not start
Poor tanning results
Make sure the plug has been properly inserted into the wall socket.
There may be a power failure. Check if the power supply works by
connecting another appliance.
The timer may not have been set. Set the timer to the appropriate
tanning time.
The lamp may still be too warm to restart. Let the lamp cool down
for 3 minutes before you switch it on again.
Perhaps you use an extension cord that is too long or does not have
the correct current rating. Consult your dealer. Our general advice is
not to use an extension cord.
You may have followed a tanning course that is not appropriate for
your skin type. Check the table in section 'Tanning sessions: how
often and how long?' .
Perhaps the distance between the lamp and your body is larger
than prescribed.
When you have used the lamp for a long time, its tanning capacity
decreases. This effect only becomes noticeable after several years.
To solve this problem, select a slightly longer tanning time or have
the lamp replaced.

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