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Symbols On The Appliance; General Safety Directions For Power Tools - Parkside PSBM 500 B3 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Symbols on the appliance

Read the manual.
Wear ear protection.
Wear eye protection.
Wear breathing protection.
Wear hand protection.
Pull out mains plug immediately, if
the mains cable is damaged, entan-
gled or severed.
Always remove the mains plug be-
fore working on the device.
Do not expose the equipment to the
Electrical appliances must not be
disposed of with the domestic
Protection class II
General Safety Directions for
Power Tools
WARNING! Read all safety
directions and instructions.
Omissions in the compliance with
safety directions and instructions
can cause electrical shock, fire
and/or severe injuries.
Retain all safety directions and in-
structions for future use.
The term „power tool" in the warnings
refers to your mains-operated (corded)
power tool or battery-operated (cordless)
power tool.
Work area safety
Keep work area clean and well
lit. Cluttered or dark areas invite ac-
Do not operate power tools in
explosive atmospheres, such as
in the presence of flammable
Iiquids, gases or dust. Power tools
create sparks which may ignite the
dust or fumes.
Keep children and bystanders
away while operating a power
tool. Distractions can cause you to
lose control.
Electrical safety
Power tool plugs must match
the outlet. Never modify the
plug in any way. Do not use
any adapter plugs with earthed
(grounded) power tools. Unmodi-
fied plugs and matching outlets will
reduce risk of electric shock
Avoid body contact with
earthed or grounded surfaces,
such as pipes, radiators, ranges
and refrigerators. There is an in-
creased risk of electric shock if your
body is earthed or grounded.
Do not expose power tools to
rain or wet conditions. Water
entering a power tool will increase the
risk of electric shock.
Do not abuse the cord. Never
use the cord for carrying, pull-



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