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Inserting/Replacing The Tool; Operation; Switching On And Off; Pre-Select Speed - Parkside PSBM 500 B3 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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5. Drill the hole until the depth stop
(2) comes in contact with the
component part.

Inserting/replacing the tool

1. Open the keyless chuck (4) wide
(RELEASE) so that the tool can
be inserted. To do so, firmly hold
the rear sleeve (4a) of the keyless
chuck (4) and turn the front sleeve
(4b) in the anti-clockwise direc-
2. Insert the tool as far as possible
into the keyless chuck (4).
3. Close the keyless chuck (4) (GRIP)
in order to clamp the tool. To do
so, firmly hold the rear sleeve
(4a) of the keyless chuck (4) and
turn the front sleeve (4b) in the
clockwise direction.
4. To remove the tool again, rotate
the keyless chuck (4) and pull out
the tool.
Always use a universal bit holder
use using a screwdriver bits.


Do not use the device with-
out the additional handle. It
provides additional hold and
reduces the risk of injury.
Observe noise control and local

Switching on and off

1. Connect the machine to the pow-
er supply.
Make sure that the net voltage
matches the voltage rating indi-
cated on the device's type plate.
2. Switching on: Press the on/off
switch (8).
3. By using the on/off switch (8)
you can progressively control the
Gentle pressure: low speed
Increase pressure: higher speed.
4. Continuous operation: Press the
lock button (9). The on/off switch
(8) is locked.
5. Switching off: Release the on/off
switch (8).
For continuous operation, briefly
press the on/off switch (8).

Pre-select speed

You can pre-select the maximum speed on
the speed adjusting ring. The on/off switch
can only be pressed up to the specified
1. Wait for the device to shut-down.
2. Set the desired speed
on the speed adjusting
ring (7).

Set the direction of rotation

The device's direction of rotation can be
changed with the rotational direction
1. Wait for the device to shut-down.
2. Push the rotational direction
speed (6) into the desired posi-
Clockwise rotation: to drill
and screw in screws.
Anticlockwise rotation: to
loosen screws.



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