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Maintenance And Cleaning; Disposal; Service Centre - Parkside PET 23 VARIO Bedienungs- Und Sicherheitshinweise

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Maintenance and cleaning / Disposal / Information

Maintenance and cleaning

cAUTIOn! Always pull the plug out of the mains
socket before cleaning or maintaining the device.
The electric tacker is designed to be maintenance-free.
Always keep the device clean, dry and free of
oil or grease.
Clean the device frequently. This should be done
immediately after you have finished using it.
Do not allow any liquids to enter the device.
Use a cloth to clean the housing. never use
petrol, solvents or cleaning agents that might
attack plastic.


The packaging is wholly composed of
environmentally-friendly materials that can
be disposed of at a local recycling centre.
Do not dispose of electrical power
tools with the household rubbish!
In accordance with European Directive 2002 / 96 / EC
(covering waste electrical and electronic equipment)
and its transposition into national legislation, worn
out electrical power tools must be collected separately
and taken for environmentally compatible recycling.
Contact your local refuse disposal authority for
more details of how to dispose of your worn out
electrical devices.

Service centre

The service centre for your country is shown in the
warranty documentation.
Have your device
repaired only by qualified specialist
personnel using original manufacturer
parts only. This will ensure that your device
remains safe to use.
32 GB/MT
If the plug or mains lead
needs to be replaced, always have
the replacement carried out by the
manufacturer or its service centre. This
will ensure that your device remains safe to use.
note: Through poor conditions of the electrical
mains, shortly voltage drops can appear when
starting the equipment. This can influence other
equipment (eg. Blinking of a lamp). If the mains-
impedance z max < 0.381 oHM, such distur-
bances are not expected. (In case of need, you
may contact you local supply authority for fur-
ther information.)



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