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Careful Handling And Use Of Electrical Power Tools; Safety Advice For Electric Tackers; Staples / Nails - Parkside PET 23 VARIO Bedienungs- Und Sicherheitshinweise

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General safety advice for electrical power tools / Commissioning
4. careful handling and use of
electrical power tools
a) Do not overload the device. Always
use an electrical power tool that is
intended for the task you are under-
taking. By using the right electrical power
tool for the job you will work more safely and
achieve a better result.
b) Do not use an electrical power tool if
its switch is defective. An electrical power
tool that can no longer be switched on and off
is dangerous and must be repaired.
c) Pull the mains plug out of the socket
before you make any adjustments to
the device, change accessories or
when the device is put away. This pre-
caution is intended to prevent you from uninten-
tionally starting the device.
d) When not in use always ensure that
electrical power tools are kept out of
reach of children. Do not let anyone
use the device if he or she is not fa-
miliar with it or has not read the
instructions and advice. Electrical power
tools are dangerous when they are used by
inexperienced people.
e) Look after the device carefully. check
that moving parts are working prop-
erly and move freely. check for any
parts that are broken or damaged
enough to detrimentally affect the
functioning of the device. Have dam-
aged parts repaired before you use
the device. Many accidents have their ori-
gins in poorly maintained electrical power tools.
f) Keep cutting tools clean and sharp.
Carefully maintained cutting tools with sharp
cutting edges are less likely to jam and are
easier to control.
g) Use the electrical power tool, acces-
sories, inserted tools etc. in accord-
ance with these instructions and
advice, and the stipulations drawn
up for this particular type of device.
In doing this, take into account the
working conditions and the task in
hand. The use of electrical power tools for
purposes other than those intended can lead to
dangerous situations.
Safety advice
for electric tackers
Ensure that staples and nails cannot strike
people or animals.
Protect your eyes. Wear protective
glasses. This also applies to people
who may be helping with the work
by supporting or holding the workpiece.
Make sure the tool is switched off before you
load the magazine
oFF switch
to position "0".
Do not use the tool to fix electrical cabling in
Securely support the workpiece. Use
clamps or a vice to grip the workpiece firmly.
This is much safer than holding it in your hand.
Always work with the mains lead leading
away from the rear of the device.
The mains voltage at the mains socket must match
that shown on the rating plate on the device. Devices
marked with 230 V ~ can also be operated at
220 V ~ .

Staples / nails

note: The device is designed to use the following
standard, widely available staples and nails:
note: Suitable accessories can also be obtained
from the Service Centre for your country.
. To do this set the on /
12, 14, 16, 18, 19
12, 14, 18



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