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NOTE: Check with your local city council for by-laws relating to
fencing, barriers, lighting and safety requirements and ensure you
comply with all laws.
NOTE: If have a filter pump, refer to the pump's manual for
NOTE: The ladder must match the pool size and should to be used
only for entering and exiting the pool. It is forbidden to exceed the
permitted payload of the ladder. Check regularly if the ladder is
properly assembled.
Warning: If you do not adhere to the maintenance guidelines covered
herein, your health might be at risk, especially that of children. Pool
water treatment is essential for the safety of the users. Using
chemicals inappropriately will cause property damage and personal
NOTE: The pump is used to circulate the water and to filter small
particles. In order to keep your pool water clean and hygienic, you
must also add chemicals.
1. It is recommended not to fill the pool with catchment water, drilling
water, or drainage well water: these waters generally contain
polluted organic substances including nitrates and phosphates.
Water clarity
Colour of the water
Turbidity in FNU/NTU
Nitrate concentration above that of fill water in mg/l
Total organic carbon (TOC) in mg/l
Redox potential against Ag/AgCI 3,5 m KCl in mV
pH value
Free active chlorine (without cyanuric acid) in mg/l
Free chlorine used in combination with cyanuric acid in mg/l
Cyanuric acid in mg/l
Combined chlorine in mg/l
Check pool for any leaks from valves or seams, check the ground cloth for any evident water loss. Do not add chemicals until this has been done.
NOTE: In the event of a leak, patch your pool using the underwater adhesive repair patch provided. Refer to the FAQ's for further information.
1. Unscrew the drain valve cap on the outside of the pool counter clockwise and remove.
2. Connect the adaptor to the hose and put the other end of the hose in the area where you are going to drain your pool. (Check local regulations
for drainage by-laws).
3. Screw control ring of the hose adaptor onto the drain valve clockwise. The drain valve will be open and water will start to drain automatically.
ATTENTION: Water flow can be controlled with the control ring.
4. When draining is finished, unscrew the control ring to close the valve.
5. Disconnect the hose.
6. Screw the cap back onto the drain valve.
7. Air dry pool.
ATTENTION: Do not leave the drained pool outside.
Storage and Winterization
1. Please remove all the accessories and spare parts of the pool and store them clean and dry.
2. Once pool is completely dry, sprinkle with talcum powder to prevent pool from sticking together, fold pool carefully. If pool is not completely dry,
mold may result and will damage the pool liner.
3. Store liner and accessories in a dry place with a moderate temperature between 5ºC / 41ºF and 38ºC / 100ºF.
4. During the rainy season, pool and accessories should be stored as per above instructions also.
5. Improper draining of the pool might cause serious personal injury and/or damage to personal property.
6. We strongly recommend the pool is disassembled during the off season (winter months). Store in a dry location out of children's reach.
Filling pools with water from the public network is advised.
2. Always keep your pool clean and apply the correct pool chemicals.
Unsanitary water is a serious health hazard. It is recommended to
use disinfectant, flocculant, acid or alkali chemicals to treat your
3. Clean the PVC liner regularly with non-abrasive brushes or a pool
vacuum cleaner.
4. Throughout the season, the water filtration system must run long
enough each day to clean the entire volume of water in the pool.
5. Check the filter cartridge (or sand in a sand filter) regularly and
replace dirty cartridges (or sand).
6. Regularly check the screws, bolts and all the metal parts for rust.
Replace if necessary.
7. If it rains, check that the water level is not higher than the specified
level. If water exceeds the specified levels, drain the pool to the
specified level.
8. Do not use the pump when the pool is in use.
9. Cover the pool when not in use.
10. For pool water treatment, the pH value is very important.
ATTENTION: Do not leave the drained pool outside.
The following parameters ensure good quality water
clear view of the pool bottom
no colour should be observed
max. 1,5 (preferably less than 0,5)
max. 20
max. 4,0
min. 650
6,8 to 7,6
0,3 to 1,5
1,0 to 3,0
max 100
max 0,5 (preferably close to 0,0 mg/l)



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