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Safety Devices; Relief Valve; Safety Valve; Thermal Valve - Parkside PHDB 4 B2 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Safety devices

The safety devices are designed to protect the user and may not be de-
activated or repurposed.

Relief valve

If the hand spray gun is closed, the relief valve opens and the high-pres-
sure pump routes the water back to the pump suction side. This prevents
the permissible working pressure from being exceeded.
The relief valve is set and sealed at the factory. It may only be adjusted
by the customer service.

Safety valve

The safety valve opens if the permissible maximum allowable working
pressure is exceeded (see technical specifications); the water flows out.
The safety valve is set and sealed at the factory. It may only be adjusted
by the customer service.

Thermal valve

The thermal valve protects the high-pressure pump from impermissible
warming in circulation operation if the hand spray gun is closed.
The thermal valve opens if the maximum permissible temperature of 68°C
is exceeded and drains the hot water.

Before use

Exercise caution when unpacking, transporting and storing due to
the high weight of the machine.
These activities should be carried out by two people.
Make sure that the appliance is standing on a level and flat surface
while unpacking, and during assembly, storage as well as during
operation, inspection, maintenance and when at a standstill.

Fitting the handle

Insert the handle
on the base frame of the device. Press the two
pushbuttons on the base frame and push the handle
until it clicks into place.

Fitting the hose holder

Fit the hose holder
onto the handle
two components.
Fix the hose holder
in place on the handle
and two nuts
(on the right side, see fold-out page).
 GB │ IE │ NI
by aligning the holes in the
with two screws

Fitting the upper spray gun holder on the handle

Use two screws
, two washers
spray gun holder
onto the handle
Fitting the lower spray gun holder on the tubular
Use two screws
attach the lower spray gun holder
tubular frame

Fitting the wheels

Push a washer
onto the axle
Push the axle
from outside through the wheel
on the axle
Now guide the axle with the wheel from the outside into the tubular
. Place another washer
place with the R-clip
Repeat the process on the opposite side.

Fitting the rubber feet

Attach the rubber feet
with the screw
onto the tubular frame
Use the supplied open end wrench
and two nuts
to fit the upper
onto the
and place another
onto the axle
and secure it in
, washer
and nuts
and allen key
for assistance.




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