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Features And Functions - Renkforce 1499894 Bedienungsanleitung

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• Never place containers containing liquids, e.g. glasses, buckets, vases or plants on the device or in its
vicinity. Liquids may get into the housing and impair electrical safety. This also poses great danger of
fire or potentially fatal electric shock! If this is the case, first power down the respective mains socket on
all connections (e.g. switch off circuit breaker and FI switch) and then pull the mains adapter from the
socket. Do not operate the product anymore afterwards, but take it to a specialist workshop.
• Do not place any open sources of fire, such as burning candles, on or directly next to the device.
• Never operate the device unattended.
• Only operate the device in moderate climates, never in tropical climates.
• Also observe the additional safety information in the individual chapters of these operating instructions.
• Also observe the safety notes and operating instructions of the other devices to which the product is
• Consult an expert if you are unsure as to the function, safety or connection of the product.
• Have maintenance, adjustment and repair work only performed by a specialist or specialist workshop.
• In case you have questions which are not answered in these operating instructions, contact our technical
service or other specialists.

6. Features and Functions

• Turntable with automatic end deactivation and 3 playback speeds (33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm)
• Integrated amplifier with speakers
• Remote-controllable via the enclosed remote control
• Playback of records, compact cassettes, USB and SD storage media
• Recording on USB and SD storage media
• FM/AM radio unit with 20/30 channel memory slots (AM/FM)
• Clock with sleep timer function
• Audio input (AUX IN)
• Headphone output
• Line output for connection of external amplifiers



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