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F) Cassette Operation; G) Playback Of An External Audio Source; H) Playback From A Usb Memory Or An Sd Card - Renkforce 1499894 Bedienungsanleitung

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f) Cassette Operation

• Push the FUNCTION (5) button repeatedly until you have selected cassette operation. The indication TAPE ap-
pears in the display (10).
• Insert a compact cassette into the cassette compartment (26). The side to be played must face up.
• To fast forward the cassette, push the button
• To switch back to playback mode, push the button
• To eject the cassette, push the button
To avoid damage to the compact cassette, it should be ejected from the cassette compartment (26) after
use and kept in its cassette sleeve.

g) Playback of an External Audio Source

The external audio source must be connected to the connection AUX IN (14) (see "Connection of external
playback devices").
• Push the FUNCTION (5) button repeatedly until you have selected AUX operation. The indication AUX appears in
the display (10).
• Start playback at the connected device.
• The sound from the external audio source is played back through the integrated speaker (27).

h) Playback from a USB Memory or an SD Card

Do not connect an MP3-player to the USB interface (12) if it is battery-operated. The USB interface (12)
power supply may load the inserted batteries and cause overheating or explosion of a battery.
Only USB storage media can be operated at the USB interface (12). MP3 players with a USB port usually
switch into PC mode when this port is connected. In this mode, music files cannot be played. However, you
may connect the audio output of your MP3 player to the AUX IN (14).
Supports SD or SDHC cards as well as USB storage media up to 32 GB.
The media must be formatted in FAT.
Due to the great variety of systems with USB and SD card interfaces and their different functions that are
sometimes producer-specific, we cannot guarantee that all media will be recognized and that all the opera-
tional functions are available in this CD tuner.
If the storage medium is not recognised, remove it and insert it again.
• Connect a USB memory to the USB interface (12) and/or insert an SD card in the SD card reader (13).
• Playback of the last medium inserted starts automatically.
Ensure proper alignment of the storage medium. It will fit into the corresponding interface in one direction
only. The SD card must be inserted with the contacts facing down.
• If you want to switch the operating mode, select it with the FUNCTION (5) button.
(25) to the first latch.
(25) again, but only slightly to make it unlatch.
(25) to the stop. The cassette is ejected.



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