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Preparation; A) Remote Control; B) Connection Of The Cinch Outputs - Renkforce 1499894 Bedienungsanleitung

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9. Preparation

a) Remote Control

Keep batteries out of reach of children. Observe correct polarity when inserting the battery. Remove the
battery when the device is not in use for extended periods of time.
Leaking or damaged batteries may cause chemical burns to skin when touched. Use adequate protective
gloves in this case.
Do not short-circuit the battery and do not throw it into fire. It also must not be recharged. Danger of explo-
At initial commissioning, the battery of the remote control may already be inserted and protected from dis-
charge by an isolation film. If required, remove this film before use by pulling it out of the remote control's
battery compartment.
Battery Change
• If the remote control no longer functions properly, the battery is discharged and must be replaced with a new one
of the same type.
• Pull the battery holder out at the rear of the remote control.
• Remove the discharged battery and insert a new 3 V-Lithium button cell CR2025. The correct polarity is indicated
on the rear of the remote control.
• Insert the batteries in the remote control again.

b) Connection of the Cinch Outputs

If you do not want to use the installed speakers for playback, but an external amplifier with speakers, connect the
amplifier as described here.
Before connecting the device, ensure that the mains adapter is disconnected. Turn off the audio amplifier
to be connected and disconnect it from the mains supply by pulling the mains plug.
For the connection of the cinch sockets only use the shielded cinch wires. Use of any other cables may
cause interferences.
To avoid distortions or mal-adjustments that may cause damage to the device, only such devices must be
connected to the cinch sockets that also have cinch connections.
Observe connection of the audio connections in the correct direction, i.e. always connect left to left and
right to right.
• Connect LINE OUT (26) connection to the DMX input of the subsequent audio amplifier.
• The red socket, or the socket marked R, is the right connection; the white socket, or the socket marked L is the
left connection.



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