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Safety Information - Renkforce 1499894 Bedienungsanleitung

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5. Safety Information

Read the operating instructions attentively and particularly observe the safety notes. If the safety
notes and the information in these operating instructions regarding proper handling are not ob-
served, we assume no liability for any resulting injury/property damage. In such cases, the war-
ranty/guarantee will also lapse.
• The product is not a toy. Keep it away from children and pets.
• Do not leave packaging material lying around carelessly. It may become a dangerous toy for children.
• Protect the product from extreme temperatures direct sunlight, high humidity, moisture, flammable gases,
vapours and solvents.
• Do not subject the product to mechanical stress.
• Make sure the device is sufficiently ventilated when in operation. Do not cover the ventilation openings
with magazines, blankets, curtains or similar.
• When secure operation is no longer possible, shut off the product and protect it from inadvertent use.
Secure operation is no longer warranted if the product:
- has visible damage,
- no longer works properly,
- was stored under detrimental ambience conditions for an extended period or
- was subjected to considerable transport strain.
• Handle the product with care. Impact, blows or falls from even a low height will damage the product.
• The mains adapter corresponds to protection class II. Only a proper mains socket (100 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz)
of the public supply net must be used as voltage source.
• The mains socket must be close to the device and easily accessible.
• The turntable must only be supplied with power through the included mains adapter.
• Never touch the power unit with wet or damp hands. There is a risk of potentially fatal electric shock!
• Make sure that the mains adapter cable is not jammed, bent or damaged by sharp edges or otherwise
mechanically stressed. Avoid excessive thermal stress on the mains adapter cable from extreme heat or
cold. Do not modify the mains adapter. Otherwise the mains adapter may be damaged. A damaged mains
adapter can cause a deadly electric shock.
• Do not touch the mains adapter if it shows any damage. First, power down the respective mains socket
(e.g. via the respective circuit breaker and FI switch) and then carefully pull the mains adapter from the
mains socket. Damaged mains adapters must be replaced. It must not be repaired.
• In order to completely separate the device from the mains, you have to pull the mains adapter out of the
wall socket. It is not sufficient to turn the device off with the standby switch.



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