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C) Connection Of External Playback Devices; D) Connection Of Headphones; E) Connection Of The Mains Adapter; F) Radio Aerial - Renkforce 1499894 Bedienungsanleitung

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c) Connection of External Playback Devices

• Connect the AUX IN (14) connection to the line or headphones output of the external playback device.
• If necessary, use a suitable adapter line.

d) Connection of Headphones

• Plug the connection line of the headphones into the headphones connection (11).
When headphones are connected, the integrated speakers will be switched off automatically.

e) Connection of the Mains Adapter

Before plugging in the mains adapter, ensure that the device voltage indicated at the mains adapter corre-
sponds to the available mains voltage. Do not connect the mains adapter to a mains socket if the indication
does not correspond to the available mains voltage. The wrong supply voltage will cause serious damage.
Be careful when handling mains adapters and mains connections. Mains voltage may cause potentially
fatal electric shock.
The mains socket to which the mains adapter is connected must be easily accessible so that it can be
quickly separated from the mains voltage in case of an error.
The turntable and all connected devices must be switched off when the voltage supply is connected.
Make sure that no cables lie around openly. Install cables professionally to prevent accidents.
Make sure that all electrical connections and connection cables between the different devices and any
extension cables comply with the regulations and the operating instructions. If an extension line is used,
ensure that it is designed for the respective load.
• Plug the low-voltage plug of the mains adapter into the mains adapter connections (29).
• Plug the mains adapter into a mains socket of the public mains.
• Once the turntable is supplied with power via the mains adapter, it will switch to standby operation and is ready
for use.

f) Radio Aerial

Roll out the FM cable aerial (30) all the way for best FM reception.



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