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Temporary Stop - Whirlpool AFO ED4 DS Anleitungen Für Den Bedienungs-Und Wartung



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MENU/MEMO lightened shows that it is in selection of category of program. On display runs the name of
the carrying out category of program (first level). By rotating the ENCODER (13) you can run the
categories, when appears the right one by pressing (12) ENTER you confirm the category. With a single
pressure on the key (10) CANC you go out to programs mode.
If you modify the selected program the modifies are memorized at the moment but not saved for the
following ones. By a long pressing of the key (12) ENTER you save the modifies to the program (except
for the no-modifiable ones). With the key (9) PHASES you can run all the phases of the program and
modify them. By pressing for 5 sec. the key (10) ERASE (in selection program mode) you erase the
visualized program. It isn't possible to erase the constructor's memorized and fixed programs.
By pressing the key (2) START/STOP you start the selected program. By pressing for 5 sec. the key (11)
MENU / MEMO (with the program selected not from the list of programs) you can clone the selected
program. When is selected manual program every modify is immediately saved. The programs have
a name and an index (the dots that you can visualized on ''D'' display) So the program CHICKEN [2]
is represented writing CHICKEN on display ''D'' and lightning two dots at the left of the display ''D''.
By cloning a program you see on ''D'' display, the name of selected program and the first available in-
dex. It's possible to have max 6 clones of the same program; if there are already existing 6 clones you
have an number six with the opportunity to overwrite. For the programs with long names (more than six
letters) you read the last six letters of the name.
The last digit is blinking, it means that it can be modified by routing the ENCODER (13). By pressing the key
(12) ENTER, the writing runs of a digit towards left adding a new symbol ''_'' (underscore) blinking and
modifiable at the end of the name. By pressing the key (10) ERASE you can remove the last digit of the
name, by running the name towards right and modifying its new last letter.
If you want to change all the name it is necessary press repeatedly the key (10) ERASE until remains one
digit blinking. So you can write the new name. Is not possible to choose the index of a program, it is
automatically assigned. In that case you can read the name of the constructor proposed program and the
first index available. By pressing the key (10) ERASE if you are in menu modify you'll not save the
program. If you search
In START/STOP mode the card starts the selected cooking cycle and begins the modifications. By a long
pressure on the key (2) START/STOP the card will be in READY mode. By pressing the key (2) or opening
the door the card goes to TEMPORARY STOP.
It's possible to modify the settings of the carrying out coking cycle; they'll not save and are temporary
memorized for the carrying out cycle. At the end of the cycle they are erased. It's not possible neither to
change the way of cooking (TIME or CORE PROBE) nor select a different program. By pressing the key (9)
PHASES you stop the carrying out phase and you pass to the following one.
The buzzer sounds with a long bip. If there was carrying out the last phase the cycle will end. The car-
rying out phase is signed by the PHASES' blinking led. At the end of the cycle the card goes to READY
mode and buzzer sounds with 4 bip.
In TEMPORARY STOP MODE are hung the possibilities to choose values and the fan stopped. If the door is
closed, by pressing the key (2) START/STOP you start again the cooking cycle.
If the interruption was due to an opening of the door (and not for the pressure of the key (2) START/
STOP) by closing the door the cooking cycle starts again.
The card goes to the READY mode by a long pressing of the key (2) START/STOP. It's possible to make
modifies to the set of the carrying out cooking ; they are not memorized and are valid only for the mo-
ment of that cooking. At the end of the cycle they are erased. It is not possible to change the cooking
mode (TIME or CORE PROBE) and select a different program. The carrying out phase ends by pressing the
key (9) PHASES and you go to the following one. The buzzer sounds with a long bip. If was carrying out the
last phase the cycle ends.
The carrying out phase is showed by the blinking led ''PHASES''.



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