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Cooking Tips; Remedies To Cooking Hitches - Whirlpool AFO ED4 DS Anleitungen Für Den Bedienungs-Und Wartung



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To obtain the best results, we advise to use GAS-
TRONORM trays, available in different models and
materials according to the type of cooking.
It's fundamental always to leave an interspace
of 3 cm at least between the food to be cooked
and the upper tray for a good air circulation.
The height of the food should be similar to the height of the trays. Very low lays of food in trays of 65 and
80 mm can cook in a non uniform way.
It is advisable to avoid the food to be cooked overflows from the pan , or in case this is not feasible,
avoid placing the pan on the top floor to that affected by the situation described.
Cooking of different food can be performed simultaneously at the same temperature , avoiding the
overlapping of flavors, placing the products with stronger flavor always on the top of the cooking cham-
ber and the release valve must to be open.
For an optimal cooking temperature you must take into consideration the following rule: select a lower
temperature of about 20 % compared to the one set in traditional static ovens without ventilation.
The forced ventilation system, of which this oven is equipped, ensures cooking in reduced time.
Convection cooking with 0% humidification:
this method, commonly called "Convection", is in-
dicated for all types of cooking where you want to get dry and crispy food. To achieve this result it is
advisable to open the release valve to help the exhaust of steam from the cooking chamber.
Convection cooking with humidification: this method, commonly called "combined" is indicated for all types
of cooking where you want to get soft and juicy food.


If cooking is uneven:
Check that there is at least 3 cm between the food cooking and the tray above it: if there is less space it
will not allow correct ventilation of the food to be cooked.
• Make sure that the foods to cook are not against each other which would prevent correct ventilation
between them.
• Cooking temperature might be too high, try with a lower temperature.
• The preheating has not been effected. If you introduce the products with cold cooking chamber, it will
take a much longer time to reach the selected temperature than the one requested by preheating.
During this phase the ventilation and the temperature inside the cooking chamber could not be uni-
form and produce therefore a loss of cooking uniformity.
• Frozen food has been introduced in the oven. In this case it's advisable to the food at a temperature of
40-50 °C and then proceed with cooking.
• The oven drain could be obstructed and alter the ventilation inside the cooking chamber.
• The door gasket could not be steam tight. The steam coming out from the door could alter the ven-
If the food is dry:
• Reduce cooking time.
• The temperature must be adequately lowered.
• Remember that the lower the temperature is the less weight will be lost.
• The combined cycle for a humidity rich cooking environment was not selected.
• The food was not greased with oil or juices before it was put in to cook.



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