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only by an authorised customer
service centre. Replace damaged
extension cables. This will ensure that
the power tool remains safe.
• Store unused power tools in a
safe place. The storage place
should be dry and lockable. This
prevents the power tool from being dama-
ged as a result of being stored or opera-
ted by inexperienced people.
• Never leave the tool before it has
come to a complete standstill. After-
running bits can cause injury.
• Do not use the power tool with
a damaged cable. Do not touch
the damaged cable and pull the
mains plug if the cable is dama-
ged while working. Damaged cables
increase the risk of electric shock.


The bench drill is supplied disassembled.
Clean the column tube (15), baseplate
(17), drilling bench (20), vice (21) and
the drill chuck (4) beforehand, with a dry
1. Place the column tube (15) on the ba-
seplate (17). Bolt the column tube (15)
to the baseplate (17) with the three hex
bolts (16) supplied. Tighten the bolts
(16) moderately tight so that the threads
in the baseplate (17) do not strip.
2. Place the drilling bench (20) on the co-
lumn tube (15). Push the drilling bench
(20) into a lower position. Screw the
clamping bolt (24) into the clamp of the
drilling bench and fix the drilling bench
(20) in a lower position.
3. Place the vice (21) on the drilling bench
(20) and screw it with the enclosed
mounting bolts (23) tightly to the drilling
bench (20).
4. Place the motor unit (14) on the column
tube (15) and secure the motor unit
(14) with the two hexagon socket bolts
(12) to the side with the allen key sup-
plied (30).
5. Bolt the three drill lifting arms into the
spindle guide (9).
6. Place the transparent part of the safety
device (7) in the red plastic part of the
safety device (7) and screw the two
parts with the three bolts which are
already inserted. These parts may be
7. Insert the depth stop (3) through the
hole in the fence. Put the safety device
(7) on the upper part of the drill spind-
le. Screw the depth stop (3) with the
safety device (7). Centrally align the
depth stop (3) into the bore of the fence
and secure the safety device with the
clamping bolt supplied.
8. Fold the safety device (7) upwards.
Insert the chuck (4) on the taper of the
drill spindle (6). Push the drill chuck
onto the drill chuck tip with a few light
taps. Use a plastic hammer for this pur-


Caution! Risk of injury!
- Ensure that you have sufficient
space in which to work and that
you do not endanger other peo-





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