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Adjusting The Footplate; Stroke Rate Selection; Use; Switching On And Off - Parkside PFS 710 D3 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Adjusting the footplate

Always remove the plug from the power
socket before working on the appliance.
Adjust the footplate
To do so, undo the locking lever
the footplate
to the corresponding position.
Lock this position by closing the locking lever

Stroke rate selection

Use the adjusting wheel
stroke rate (– = lower stroke rate, + = increased
stroke rate).
The stroke rate can also be changed during opera-


Switching on and off
During operation, you can choose between instan-
taneous and continuous operation.
Switching to instantaneous operation:
Press the ON/OFF switch
lights up when the ON/OFF switch
pushed in slightly or fully and illuminates the
working area in low light conditions.
Switching off instantaneous operation:
Release the ON/OFF switch
Switching to continuous operation:
Press the ON/OFF switch
position with the locking switch
 │ GB
according to the cutting
and move
to select the desired
. The work light
and lock it in this
Switching off continuous operation:
Press the ON/OFF switch

Guiding the sabre blade safely

To adapt to the workpiece and for safe placement,
the footplate
can be swivelled. It must always
be in contact with the workpiece when the appli-
ance is running.

Practical advice on sawing

Check the material to be worked to make sure
that all foreign objects have been removed, e.g.
nails, screws, etc..
Ensure that the ventilation slits are not covered.
Switch the appliance on before moving it
towards the material to be worked.
Switch the appliance off immediately if the saw
blade jams.
Open up the sawn gap using a suitable tool
and pull out the sabre saw.
Use the appropriate saw blade and stroke rate
for the material to be worked.
Saw blades optimised for your sabre saw are
available from retail stores in different lengths
for various purposes.
Saw the material at a constant speed.
Sawing flush to edges:
Using flexible saw blades with a suitable corre-
sponding length, you can saw off protruding work-
pieces such as pipes flush to the wall.
Proceed as follows:
1. Place the saw blade directly against the wall.
2. Bend it by applying lateral pressure to the sabre
saw so that the footplate
the wall.
3. Switch the appliance on as described and saw
off the work piece by applying constant pres-
and release it
makes contact with
PFS 710 D3