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Fitting The Rip Fence; Handling; Setting The Cutting Angle; Switching The Appliance On/Off - Parkside PMST 100 A1 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Fitting the rip fence

The rip fence
hand side of the appliance.
Push the rip fence into the insertion openings
Screw both the locking screws on the insertion
Set the desired cut width with the help of the
scale on the rip fence
insertion opening
Fig. A: Cutting width 4 cm
Tighten the two locking screws.
If you want to use the rip fence for curved
cuts, insert a nail through the bottom hole,
which is in line with the saw blade. Otherwise
you get a wrong diameter.


Setting the cutting angle

Undo the locking screw
Adjust the cutting angle to 0°/15°/30°/45°
with the aid of the markings on the scale
Retighten the locking screw
If you want to set a cutting angle in combina-
tion with the rip fence, you need to remove the
locking screw from the insertion opening
you can tilt the appliance to the desired angle.
can be fixed on the left- or right-
and the edge of the
(see also Fig. A).
using the Hex
using the Hex
Switching the appliance on/off
Switching the appliance on:
Set the ON/OFF switch
appliance on.
Switching the appliance off:
Set the ON/OFF switch
appliance off.

Setting the stroke rate

Use the speed control knob
required stroke rate.
Set a higher stroke rate and use a coarse-
toothed blade for soft materials.
Set a lower stroke rate and use a fine-toothed
blade for hard materials.

Maintenance and cleaning

the appliance off and remove the
power plug before commencing any
work to the appliance.
The appliance must always be kept clean, dry
and free from oil or grease.
Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the housing.
Ensure that all ventilation slits are free of
If the mains cord requires replacement, this
should be carried out by the manufacturer or an
approved representative to avoid safety hazards.
Replace the saw blade
are blunt and proper sawing is therefore no
longer possible. Only sharp and undamaged
saw blades make an optimum cut and prevent
your appliance from being overloaded.
Clean the appliance after completing your
sawing work.
Remove any dirt (e.g. sawdust). Clean the saw
blade holder, if necessary, with a brush or by
blowing it out with compressed air.
Add a few drops of motor oil to the piston
and the guide roller
30 minutes of runtime engine).
Pay attention to the short-term operation S2 of
max. 10 minutes.
to "I" to switch the
to "O" to switch the
to set the
as soon as its teeth
regularly (after approx.
PMST 100 A1