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General Safety Information For Electrical Devices; Product-Specific Safety Instructions; Before Initial Use - Parkside 275633 Bedienungs- Und Sicherheitshinweise

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Wear suitable clothing. Do not wear loose cloth-
ing or jewellery. Keep your hair, clothing and
gloves clear of moving parts. Loose clothing,
jewellery or long hair can become trapped in
moving parts.
Put down the trigger and device in the event of
unexpected compressor failure.
Whenever possible, use a condensate trap or
regularly empty the compressed air device
hoses and tubing before and during use to re-
move condensate (water).
ATTENTION! An undersized com-
pressed air system may minimise the
efficiency of your device.
Never point the compressed air device at your-
self, other persons or animals. Otherwise there
is a risk of injury.
Always observe all the safety advice attached
to the compressor.
Make sure that the compressor intake opening
is never blocked and the airflow is never hin-
Clean the suction filter with a cloth when it is
dirty. Switch off the device and pull the plug
from the socket to prevent it from being acci-
dentally switched on.
Do not allow yourself to become distracted while
working with the device.
General safety information
for electrical devices
Never connect the device to a residual current
(FI) protective switch.
Protect yourself against electric shock. As you
are working, avoid touching grounded parts
(e.g. refrigerator, water supply pipes etc.).
DANGER! Avoid contact with live lines. This
device is not insulated against electric shock.
Check extension and power supply cables reg-
ularly. Replace any faulty cables with new ones
If the mains power cable of this device is dam-
aged, it has to be replaced by the manufacturer
or its service department or a similarly qualified
person in order to avoid hazards.
General safety instructions ... / Before initial use
Store the device in a dry environment when it is
not being used over a longer period.
Make sure that the connection cable does not
hang over a corner or be stretched; otherwise
there is a risk of injury.
Do not use the mains lead for any purpose for
which it was not intended, e.g. to carry the
product, to hang it up or to pull the mains plug
out of the mains socket.
Never pull on the mains cable to remove the
mains plug from the socket.
Never use electrical tool in damp or wet envi-
ronments and never expose it to rain or high
Never switch on the device in the vicinity of in-
flammable liquids or gases.
If the device is used outdoors, only use exten-
sion cables that are expressly designed for out-
door use.
Product-specific safety
use the handle on the device to move it. Never
touch the device itself!
ATTENTION! The casing of the airbrush com-
pressor may become hot during use. Do not
touch hot surfaces in order to prevent burns.
Never leave the device in operation unattended.
Built-up heat generated by the device can be a
source of danger.

Before initial use

Check that all parts of the device are in perfect
Make sure that the available mains voltage is
compatible with the voltage intended for oper-
ating the compressor.
Note: You will find the intended mains voltage
on the type plate of the device.
The compressor heats up after ex-
tended operation. Therefore always



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