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Initial Use; Hvlp Properties; Connecting The Device; Preparing The Spraying Surface - Parkside PDFP 500 A1 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Safety advice / Initial use
D o not spray any materials for which
it is not known whether they pose a
danger. Unknown materials can create dan-
gerous conditions.
Wear additional personal protective
equipment such as appropriate protec-
tive gloves and protective masks or
respirators when spraying or handling
chemicals. The wearing of protective equipment
in such conditions reduces exposure to harmful
D o not spray on yourself, other people
or animals. Keep hands and other body
parts away from the spray jet. If the
spray penetrates the skin, seek medical help
immediately. The material being sprayed can
even penetrate the skin through a glove and be
injected into your body.
D o not treat an injection as a simple cut.
A high pressure jet may inject toxins
into the body and cause serious injuries.
If the spray is injected into the skin, seek medical
help immediately.
P ay attention to any possible dangers
of the material being sprayed. Note
the markings on the container or the
manufacturer's information relating to
the material being sprayed, including
the instruction to use personal protec-
tive equipment. The manufacturer's in-struc-
tions must be followed to reduce the risk of fire, as
well as injuries caused by toxins, carcinogens, etc.
N ever spray without the nozzle head
in place. The use of a special nozzle insert
with the appropriate nozzle head reduces the
probability of a high-pressure jet penetrating
the skin and injecting toxins into the body.

Initial use


HVLP properties

This device uses an HVLP system (High Volume Low
Pressure). It ensures the increased application of
(paint) materials with lower consumption.
Important: Do not exceed the maximum working
pressure of 3 bar.

Connecting the device

O perate the product only with cleaned, con-
densate- and oil-free compressed air and never
exceed the maximum working air pressure at
the device of 3 bar.
T he compressed air source must be fitted with a
(filter) / pressure reducer so that the air pressure
can be regulated.
In order to operate this device you require a flexible
compressed air hose with quick-release coupling
and an appropriate source of compressed air.
Observe the operating and safety instructions of the
compressed air source and any special instructions
concerning paint preparation.
Note: Ensure the correct working pressure. An
excessive working pressure leads to increased fine
dispersion and results in too rapid evaporation of
the liquid. The surfaces become rough and develop
poor adhesion properties. If the working pressure is
too low on the other hand, the paint material is not
sufficiently atomised. Undulating surfaces and the
formation of drops are the result.
C onnect the compressed air hose with the
rapid-release coupling to the compressed air
of the device. This automatically
locks into place.
U se the filter pressure reducer of the compressed
air source to set the working pressure to 3 bar.

Preparing the spraying surface

M ask off the surroundings of the spraying surface
thoroughly over a wide area. Otherwise all non-
covered areas or surfaces may become soiled.
M ake sure that the spraying surface is clean,
dry and free of grease.
R oughen smooth surfaces and then remove the
sanding dust.

Turning the device On / Off

Working Instructions:
Insert the filter in the gun (see Fig. C).



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