Using The Speed Bar; Flying With A Stirrup; Flying With Ballast - Advance AXESS 2 Air Betriebshandbuch

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Using the speed bar

The practical elastic hold-back system means that the speed bar
is always easy to reach under the front of the seatboard. This al-
so means that the speed system dosen't get in the way of a reserve
Pushing the speed bar alters the sitting position. The upper body
leans back and the shoulder straps get tighter. The seatboard angle
becomes flatter and takes on a bracing role.
Caution: Only use your speed bar with the elastic hold-back
system fitted. This makes the speed bar easy to reach, and
reduces the risk of the speed bar interfering with a reserve
Caution: Connect your speedbar to the glider for every flight.
Speed lines left hanging down can interfere with reserve de-

Flying with a stirrup

The AXESS 2 AIR geometry was developed for flying without a stir-
rup. ADVANCE advise against fitting a stirrup for safety reasons. A
stirrup can interfere with a reserve parachute deployment.

Flying with ballast

The AXESS 2 AIR was not designed for the carriage of water ballast
and does not have special stowage space for this purpose.
If it is decided to increase the total in-flight weight by the carriage of
water ballast, the two tape loops under the ends of the chest strap
would serve as possible attachment points. The main carabiners
could also be used for this purpose.
Info: If a water bag is hung from the main carabiners or the loops al-
ready mentioned you should be aware that the flying behaviour of the
wing can be altered, and, in particular, the agility reduced.

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