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Preparing the harness


Before the delivery of every ADVANCE harness the dealer must
check that the delivery package is complete, and that the basic as-
sembly is correct. The fully completed guarantee card, returned to
ADVANCE, will ensure that defects in the product attributable to man-
ufacturing faults are covered by the ADVANCE warranty (see Warran-
ty in the section «Service»).
Package Contents
The AXESS 2 AIR delivery package contains:
• AXESS 2 AIR harness with carbon seat board
• 2 Aluminium main carabiners
• Reserve parachute bridle and deployment handle with associated
four-flap inner container
• Hold-back for the speed bar
• User manual with warranty card and service booklet.


The Airbag in the harness inflates itself automatically after the har-
ness is unpacked, and does not need special preparation. It is fully
working at takeoff, ready to absorb the energy of an impact and sof-
ten the blow if the takeoff goes wrong. The risk of back and pelvic in-
jury is thereby greatly reduced.
The Airbag works by using its preshaped polyurethane foam side
walls. When allowed to unfold these take up their shape and suck air
in through the small intake at the base of the back compartment. This
uptake of air takes place even when the back pocket is fully packed.
The Airbag should be treated carefully – the correct packing and
storing of the harness is especially important. See more 'Dealing with
the Airbag' in the "Use in flight" chapter and 'Caring for the Airbag' in
the "Maintenance, repairs and service intervals" chapter.
The Airbag conforms to LTF certification requirements.


To correctly adjust your AXESS 2 AIR hang the harness up by the
carabiners. Sit in it and close the integrated leg and chest straps. Try
the many adjustment options to find your most comfortable position.
The shoulder, back and chest strap buckles are protected by ne-
oprene covers. Their straps are smoothly adjustable over their full
lengths, so the sitting position can be quickly and easily adjusted in
flight. The development team have arrived at some standard adjust-

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